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M/Pieces - Ligs Mouthpieces, and do I need a new one?


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My first sax teacher tried to encourage me to "drop" my jaw when playing the lowest notes, which is similar on trumpet too. Unless there is a slight technical problem it is possible that it is about tight embouchure. It is perfectly possible to play notes an octave above your fingering by tightening your embouchure.

Yes, I think you are right. The lower D I struggle with, but it gets better going higher (ie E, F etc). Having come from a clarinet, I need to relax my embouchure more. My tutor said that would be a problem to start with. Maybe I am blowing too hard as well?


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The challenge is to have a very solid air stream, but not a fast one.............!


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The yamaha 4c is a real easy and pleasant mouthpiece to use,I moved onto one after starting on a Conn precision which came with my sax , as others will probably know the Conn isn't a particularly good mpc, so then I tried out a Berg Larsen 6 which had a much fuller , richer sound compared to the Yam.But I've just bought a Trevor James classic II alto and as part of the deal on the trade in on my old sax I got a Selmer S80 C*,wow what a differance to the others ,especially on clarity and projection,I know there not cheap ,about £90 but a quality mpc like this really can help to transform your sax's sound,and also instill confidance in learning to play.Good luck with the hunt!


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Re: low notes. I find it difficult to understand what I'm doing to get them. I just practice and it gets better. As I've mentioned elsewehere in the forum, I've just taken up playing baritone. Picked up the tenor today for the first time in about a week, and the low notes were a piece of cake. I have no idea what I was doing differently, it just worked. Had a similar experience going back to the alto when I took up the tenor.

Of course, this could end up like the old woman who swallowed the fly. To make the low notes on the bari better I shoud take up the bass, etc...

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