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It's A Bittersweet Day - Need A New Alto


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Who on earth had the idea of making a baritone sax and then trying to flog it to a bunch of musicians? the tale goes when Mr. Adolph unveiled his new invention(s), in several voices....'twas the Baritone which wowed 'em (for obvious reasons)...


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Hey, Dave - as others have said, you've done great work with that horn and I'm glad that you're going to keep it around, despite buying something newer. I don't play like you do, but can certainly relate to what you're saying.

(I do believe that the 22 was actually a genuine Selmer design, it was the two previous models that were rebadged Sax-made horns. The 26 has a little larger bore than the 22, which earned it the the "large bore" nickname; versus the "new large bore" that came later at the start of the "super" horns.
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