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How To embarass yourself...

Fraser Jarvis

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silly me, I didn't realize just what was about to happen.
Just wait till you get your first proper audition Kev, you know with a panel of super critical musicians sat staring at you waiting to see what this new bloke can do, the nerves will really get you then mate!

What i would have done in your situation would have been to start fiddling with the reed and lig cursing that your reed had just split, thereby taking the onus off you and blaming it on catastrophic equipment failure!

It wont be as bad next time.

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What does your son think? Have you been transformed from god-like to fallable or deemd a source of shame or of entertainment?

Been there. In a previous life I was asked to speak at the annual dinner of a local astronomical society (not my own society). I'd lined up a few amusing anecdotes of strange things that happen to amateur astronomers out observing. I was the main after dinner speaker. The guy who introduced me, promptly went into telling a few unscripted anecdotes before letting me speak. Unfortunately, several of his anecdotes (he went on for several minutes) were similar to my stories. So when I spoke my stories fell completely flat: I thought it would never end....


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and the young kid who'd opened on alto would see what a tenor could really do....

You will never win with kids, animals and raffles.

Well done though, I am really admired.

Once I did a three days rehearsing with a brass section for a festival and on the night, walking on stage, we found out there was no light to read.


Dunmow, Essex
Hi I'm new around these parts and am just returning to music after 30 years, but have to say I so enjoyed your very descriptive account! Sorry I did laugh albeit in that very embarrassed uncomfortable for someone else type of way!
But all said and done, for me it was very inspirational!

Thanks for sharing.

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