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Horn Section Arrangement: How To?

Pete Effamy

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This comment in no way is meant to chastise others for their suggestions, but as a career music educator I became familiar with the "cardinal rule" to begin teaching at the level the student is at. Some of the excellent resources that have been offered in this thread I'm afraid would be too advanced and complex for someone just starting out who just needs some "basic principles" with which to get started.
I agree with your words and I was going to post similar but I’ve been chastised before for “setting the level” of the O/P so my offerings on books are just that :mrcool:confused2::confused:


.one can get a basic understanding of what Sammy is on about and scan a few instrument chapters in several hours of study if you know theory. If one doesn't know theory, one needs to learn that first before one starts to arrange or it will always be shooting in the dark.
I think there's a lot to be had from studying the examples in that book beyond what the text would suggest,
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