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I did try an LX alto while they were finishing off servicing my SA8. That was back in May 2019 I think. It was very nice - I'd say a teeny bit nicer than my SA8....but not nicer enough for me to justify the cost difference in upgrading, but if my SA8 got nicked/run over by a train then I'd definitely consider getting the LX. The only alto I've played that I enjoyed as much as my SA8 and the LX was an old selmer (but that was £4k).

I need to get up there again to get the first free service for my tenor - was planning to go earlier this year, but got locked down.


I got one about 2 weeks ago I believe so I can't comment on long term durability...

I actually went there to have a look at a yanagisawa awo1 and fought really hard to carry on convincing myself that it's a better choice. In the end I gave up and bought the hanson viii. It's a joy to play and sounds really pleasant.

I checked it for moving keys etc and had no luck finding anything - though admittedly I tried a couple of bodies and necks and only fiddled with the one that suited me best. After seriously considering going back and swapping it back for the yani but that feeling passed pretty quickly.

With that in mind. I've only been playing for 2.5 years so would put myself firmly in "I don't know what I don't know" camp. I was just getting tired of my previous sax going out of regulation all the time and wanted something made by actual instrument makers - I'll admit that I love the way it looks too

For now at least I'm really really happy and don't feel the need to explore any further. And i came back with enough spare change to toy with the idea of a stencil tenor or a vintage horn just for extending my horizons / playing on a piece of history.

A lot of waffle not very useful to the OP asking about the V series. What I would say is just take your time and to give yourself opportunities to fiddle with a number of different horns to get to know what it is you seek and leave your credit card at home when you go to the shops to try things out. For me this process took nearly a year (admittedly definetely helped more by redundancy as opposed to patience and wisdom).

What sealed the deal for me was the trial period and really good buyback scheme.
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@SaxMart - what's the going rate for an SA8? I spotted one for sale 2nd hand the other day, a silver one, but forgot you were looking for one. Can't find it now but I'm sure it will pop up again.

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