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What 3 keys to learn first?

Lots of quite different suggestions above, and the problem is that none of them are wrong - it varies wildly depending upon what you’re going to be playing.

With a jazz quartet, you’ll need to look at songs that don’t move too far from the home key, so as a simple example the modal stuff will all be better than Bebop: though half of Bebop tunes are written over Blues changes, yet the other half are written over (I Got) Rhythm changes, and you’ll possibly find yourself in hot harmonic water on the B section.

There are quite a lot of jazz standards that don’t stray too far from home harmonically, but those that do, move a great distance in a very short time - like Have You Met Miss Jones. Ipanema is a lovely tune to play too, but whilst you can get away with soloing on the home chord in the A section you’ll be wishing you’d given the solo to another player once you get to the B section.

Perhaps a useful new thread would be tune suggestions that could easily be soloed over using just the home key.
Certainly this discussion has made me realize jazz's very different evolution. My previous experience with forms of traditional musics -- bluegrass, Celtic, country, honkytonk -- probably caused me to make incorrect assumptions about "typical" jazz keys. As I raise a pint to myself in honour of my 77 birthday today (no gifts, please), and as I embark on my third or so year into sax, I've chosen to take a pass on most of this helpful information about how to best prepare myself for music college. I had decided to take skeller's good advice and develop some manual proficiency playing tenor in G, C D, F, A, Bb. (chromatic and pentatonic major and minor scales, blues scales, etc.) But as of today, I've given that up. I think I'll work now on mastering B# and E#, but fingering for scales in F## are giving me pause.....

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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