Trumpet player starting to double on alto sax


Hope it's what you wanted @HarryH ... famous pedagogues - Teal, Rascher, Rousseau etc are v opinionated, naturally, and their opinions don't always agree,:oops: have to steer through with whatever seems to chime best with you.

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Welcome from another "oldie". As a brass player sax beginner you will have a great advantage in playing sax that most other sax players aren't even aware of. When they learn to play it's taught almost like piano: press key while blowing and (supposedly) the note you want pops out. It takes years before sax players figure out that they have to hear the note first as well. The sax is an imperfect instrument. Tone and intonation are 99% the responsibility of the player. This is especially true with the higher pitched instruments and alto is on that cusp. As a brass player you know that you're not necessarily going to hit the note you want if you can't hear it first. Once you get your fingering and embouchure together you should be well advanced over those who haven't learned to hear the notes they are playing.
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