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There is a problem with a slow blues…


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I am not a fan of learning whole solos although I have learnEd some over the years. IMO learning phrases ...aka licks.....that speak loudly to you in a number of keys that fit a number of situations (e.g. iI V I, IV V I) etc. Gives a vocabulary That one can make ones own.


Assuming you can play something on a keyboard, it's well worth getting a M-Audio Mini32 or something similar. I do not play keyboard, but I do input chords faster just stumbling around. Worst case, I play single notes and fill in the chordal harmony by hand using copy/paste. It goes in via USB and is powered. Best investment of my career and I don't even play piano!

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Thank you, I think I may have to take the plunge. Maybe I'll wait till the sun goes in though.....
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