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M/Pieces - Ligs Tenor vs Alto mouthpieces


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For Soprano, I have 4 mouthpieces at the time of writing: Yamaha 4CM (1.25mm), Yamaha 5CM (1.30mm), Selmer Concept (1.07mm), Vandoren V16 S6 (1.58mm). I almost always play the smallest tip, Selmer Concept.

I have used multiple mouthpieces in a deliberate strategy to teach myself about the effect of embouchure changes on my tone.

I have found it useful to practice occasionally on the S6 wider tip to help improve my tone colour on the Concept but I've found intonation more of a challenge, where as the Concept tends to be locked-in in-tune below the palm keys. I've also practiced occasionally on the 4CM as a comparison with the Selmer Concept. The 4CM tends to be thinner in the second octave but using embouchure improvements from practicing on the S6 I feel I have been able to open up the 4CM in the second octave. That combination in turn has helped me get better tone throughout the range on the Selmer Concept.

Edit: Yamaha 5CM in the mail at time of writing. Yamaha 6CM may be in the mail by the time you read this. :rolleyes:
Yes I agree that using different mouthpieces challenges the embouchure. I’ve got 4 mouthpiece for my alto ( SML gold plated, a Meyer, an S80 and a Morgan however only 2 for my soprano with a 4C Yamaha in the mail. I’ve got an S80D and a warburton. The warburton is the only mouthpieces I’m not fond of and my favourite, by far, is my Selmer S80. I’ve got my eyes on a new pretty one but no time soon. Getting a microphone has to take priority so I can share my music.

Speaking of which. I haven’t come across any of your stuff yet. Are you that shy or just don’t wish to share? Have you ever posted any of your music on this site?


I haven’t come across any of your stuff yet. Are you that shy or just don’t wish to share? Have you ever posted any of your music on this site?
I'm only a beginner. :p I've only had my Tenor since February and my Sop since March. And my goal is only to play ballads and my own compositions for my wife. My tone is coming along quite well but my timing is still atrocious!

I'm open to posting eventually as I progress but I suspect my interpretations will polarise listeners!


I rate the TL3 as the top first tenor piece. They are easy to play and sound good. Hence encourage a strong flexible embroucher, precision in tone and tonguing. Once able to play a TL3 well, any tenor piece up to a 7* can be dialled in quickly, most within minutes, and played cleanly with expression.

Colin the Bear

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Colin is a virtuoso soloist, wanting to brilliantly stand out, not blend in like OP.
On what do you base this? Colin is a busker/street musician. I have been playing saxophone over 30 years. I have a solo act with backing tracks. I also play in various New Orleans ensembles and parade bands. I've played in ska bands, punk bands, soul and pop bands. Blending is up to the player not the gear.

It is very important that beginners realise that one players experience may not be theirs. What works for someone else may be worth trying but may turn out to be irrelevant.

Making assumptions about something you know little about is not constructive or helpful and may even be misleading.


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I agree Colin. Most of the time I'm the only saxplayer. Playing on my own or as the only hornplayer in the band. When I play bari in the 3-horn section I use to play the songs were the bari part is down low. Over the years I've been experimented a lot with mouthpices and reeds. Teaching persons and other players says I'm insane.

This is what I use today.
Soprano: Selmer Solist "D"( 0.050", metal) w LaVoz meduim reeds.
Alto: Martin ** (don't kow tip opening) with various reeds.
Tenor: Rovner Deep-V #10 (0.130", metal) with Plasticover #4 bari or tenor reeds.
Baritone: SG Low Rider 120 (0.120", metal) w LaVoz bari reeds.
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