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Reeds Tenor Saxophone reeds

They should taste of porridge n honey add flavour to your playing ;)
Hi folks..Well the synthetic reed has finally packed up after many hours of playing...Around...5-6 hours per day...It started to sound a bit squashed and the response was poor, On closer inspection the film of plastic was separating from the cell..

I had to resort to using a knackered Rico "Select Jazz" 2M that i had soaking in some anti-bacterial liquid..It sounded quite warm and the high register was very silky and had a beautiful tone even when played quietly...However this was short lived..About an hour after...Once the instrument had warmed up the excess moisture had been blown out of it by me..Then it was back to honking like a goose...Although as it was the festive season i let it slide...:)

I then accidentally ordered a 3.5 strength Fibracell reed which has a totally different tone and response, Yes it should have as you would see this with cane reeds but the differences seem to be exaggerated more by the fact that they are a plastic form...You can blow it as hard as you can in the low register and and its very compact and big sound...The altissimo tends to need a lot more work which is a bit of a pain cos its causing me to false finger again so all I'm re-learning is how to false finger..Which is what I'm trying to avoid doing...However I'm still pleased as they do perform similar to a cane reed and do need a little bit of moisture to enhance their playability.


Happy new year.

Hi sorry i should of said "Alternate fingerings"..
Oh, you mean you need to use different altissimo fingerings from your usual ones because of a change in reed?
I don't think I've ever done that - too confusing.

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