M/Pieces - Ligs Mouthpiece recommendations:


here comes my 10 cents: IF your MP plays OK stick with it for the moment, If you're unsure of it's playability ask your tutor to play-test it. A Yamaha 4C is one of two universally recommended MPs for students because they are made with very good quality control and they are easy to play - both things you need. Bonus - they are also affordable. Added bonus - they are also pretty tough. The other equally recommended MP is the Selmer S80 C - the cons: more expensive, less tough.

I would suggest strength 2 reeds at max and move up a strength if and when you can justify doing so. I doubt you're in a position at this stage to appreciate the difference characteristics of various MPs and until such time as you can your investment may be a waste of your money. IF you can, try to play every MP that comes your way - borrow those from your sax playing friends who can in turn play yours. If you're gonna' do this have some strength 1.5 and 2 reeds at your disposal coz' sometimes a MP ain't so great with a 2.5 but tames with a 1.5 or vice versa - to offer you an example.
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