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Saxophones Martin Medalist... DONE!

Anyway Dave... do you want another Martin!?
Low interest instalment plan?
ooh, blimey, I'm trying to keep away from tenors... although I have just got a nice HR Otto Link 9 tenor mouthpiece... GAS is never quite curable.. but I'm finding it hard to justify having a tenor at all, never mind adding another one.... Martin tenors generally sell well, so you should find a home for it
I've been thinking about altos a lot though, something I can take on the road and not worry too much - If I gigged with the nickel 6M VIII I'd have to hire a security guard.. I also dream about SML's and Borganis...
I should really sell a few horns, half a dozen mouthpieces and a couple of guitars and free up some cash, but you know how it is... ;)
but there's no substitute for a decent firewall and antivirus software - Windows firewall isn't good enough and there's enough freeware out there that's better- Comodo and Avira are the one's I've used.

I tried Avira - it was free to install but wanted a paid subscription to clean up what it detected! Is this a new racket since you used it?
I tried Avira - it was free to install but wanted a paid subscription to clean up what it detected! Is this a new racket since you used it?
I've had the free version of Avira instaled for a while, but it only pops up occasionally to ask if I want to upgrade to the full version, didn't ask for any payment to get rid of the last little nasty that crept in off the 'net, but not had any viruses recently and aren't about to get one specially to test and see if it wants payment to the upgrade..
Normally it just scans and comes up with a little window with the things it's detected and you can select what to do with them, but things may have changed.
Other recommendations for anti virus software can be found here -
AVG was good years ago and I used it right up to finally ditching XP last week but from the reviews , It`s been surpassed by quite a margin now for detection and it`s a hog for resources . Avira and Avast seem to get the most recommendations of the freebies ....... I`m now Running Win 8.1 and using the onboard Defender setup (which is now full anti-Virus and nothing like the old Defender in Win-7 which was just a spyware checker) . this alongside checking regularily with Malwarebytes which always did a far better job than AVG .
I used to run AVG, then on an update it failed to load the new version, knackered the old version, and no amount of uninstalling and re-installing would allow AVG back in. Hence the switch to Avast, which then let in the killer hack!
Reading the Mac forums, MSE is the most recommended for Windows run via Parallels on a Mac.
One day, the whole t'internet and every computer in the world will be put out of action by some clever hacker. In a way, I welcome that day! Back to farming the land then, eh?
It WILL happen, another type of armageddon. Prepare yourselves. So says the soothsayer....

Woe, woe and thrice woe!

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