Saxophones Martin experts - advice needed! Indiana or Handcraft?


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Martins do have a unique tone and for those that own them, they love them to bits, the one you mentioned overhauled @ €800 seems high to me only if I managed to scrape £500 for my 1924/5 Handcraft tenor I think I would be absolutely lucky to say the least,

I wonder why this thread was resurrected as is a bit old now! :confused2:
Why Martin particularly? Have you tried many other vintage tenors from other brands?
I started this thread the day after I had played a couple of Martins that I really liked. However shortly after I came into possesion of a Buffett Crampon 18 - 20 Tenor, made in the 40's with a serial number 936 ( so, an early model). And I love it! The thumb rest is ridiculously small (mother of pearl). The possition of the hands and fingers are different than on a modern sax, you have to hold the sax a little higher, but the sweet sounds I can make with that is totally worth it!

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Did you play them with your own mouthpiece? If you played with the mouthpiece the come with, you may be hearing how the mouthpiece suits the horn. An overhaul may change the sound completely. The best advice is to buy the horn that wants you. The one you can't live without. All the others are just brass tubes. ;)
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