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Low notes problem



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There is another condition besides a rotate bell that is common, and that is the bell section tilted to one side or another. Setting the saxophone down on a hard surface where the bell rim hits first can knock the bell slightly off center very easily.

The fix for this is to use the the same amount of force in the opposite direction to put things straight again. Some techs will hit the bell rim against their carpeted bench top. I like to shout "BAD SAX" and slap the side of the bell in the direction it needs to go. This is especially effective when the customer is watching. They think you have mystical powers when after one slap, the low notes play perfectly again.

Seriously, when the mechanical loop meant to hold the bell section from turning fails (which they often do after time), I choose to apply epoxy to hold the joint in position. Some techs advocate soldering which requires heating the parts and the risk of burned lacquer. The epoxy secures the connection very effectively and will release with much lower heat should the parts need to be separated in the future.

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