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Beginner Sax It's all now very different

Hammie 1982

Keep us informed of how you get on with the sax!
who knows, when your done with it someone like me may just give ya what ya paid for it to help you move on and get a sax to start us off! (Assuming there’s no issues with it)
I sincerely wish you the happiest of journeys with it! What’s your style? Jazz, blues, rock, ballads, pop or a bit of wait and see what mood takes ya on a certain day?


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Will do.
I'm still going through the learning stage but I'm pretty pleased with the progress I'm making.
Being a Springsteen fan (seen him 4 times) an ambition has always been to play the sax solo in Jungleland. Pleased to report that ambition is near to being fulfilled and my wife is definitely impressed so I must be doing something right.
But I'm enjoying playing lots of different styles at the moment from Feeling Good and Summertime right through to Adele and Coldplay, with a liberal dose of Beatles in there too. Lots of others too. Definitely wanting to get some jazz and blues into my repertoire too as time goes on.
Here's a link to the sax I've just got.
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