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What should a beginner buy? Decision time - Any advice?

Which one should I go for?

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Full of frets in North Shropshire
Great to see you got what you wanted! I love the Clarinet, and am on the look out for another 1! (proper wooden one this time)
Ive just bought a Keyboard "for my Daughter" and am picking up musically where i left off years ago!
Nearly took the plunge and bought a Violin the other day but when i picked it up, it didnt feel right!
The seller was surprised to see a heavily tattoo'd guy with a shaved head turn up and know what he was talking about haha.
You need a cello, much more comfortable to play... I have a spare one...


Full of frets in North Shropshire
Never tried one!!!! Might end up trying it at some stage too!

I love music and love to challenge myself to play more!!!!
Well, it's a decent Chinese instrument made by a single luthier - a Jay Haide based on the Montagnana model shape, so slightly wider in the lower bouts than a Stradivarius model. It's not going anywhere...
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Greg Strange

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@Greg Strange It’s a Selmer clarinet I picked up for £10 at a boot sale about three years ago. The sop is definitely next on the hit list and I am keeping an eye out for a cheap flute too, but only cuz I’ve got a peg for one :w00t:!
10 squid for a Henri Selmer (Paris)? Or a Selmer USA? Sounds like a bit of a bargain anyway...

Greg S.


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My advice is to buy a nice yts-23 .... I think it's an awesome modern horn. And quite cheap. Very very very balanced. And finally like a white canvas. Great if you re not into the vintage fatness sound.

I have great respect to a well adjusted 23 and the first gen 62. Phenomenal saxophones.

But I like the vintage vibe of some saxophones and ended with vintage ones :). Still to date early 80s Yamahas are the perfect modern horn for me.
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