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  1. fabriziodalisera

    How do I transcribe a solo?real time practice session video

    Hi, in this video I showed the method that I use to transcribe solos. I filmed my practice session live. The only thing that I did before shooting was learning to sing the entire solo -(a solo by Art Farmer on "it could happen to you") Then I switched on my camera and start my transcribing...
  2. Ilona

    Transcription for Low Life solo by Jackie McLean

    Hello! Does anybody here know where I could find sheet music for Jackie McLean's solo on Donald Byrd's Low Life (on album Fuego)?
  3. Mike Laughlin


    I am working on an old Triebert alto sax that I need some help with. Basically I need detailed photos of the register lever, the whole G key, and what closes the D key....... lol I seen the photos that lewis put on but I need a little more. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!!
  4. J

    Baggy trousers

    I've been asked to play some sax for a band reunion I used to play guitar in. Most of the songs are straight forward but I'm finding it really difficult to work out what the sax line is in Madness' Baggy Trousers. It's so far down in the mix that I can't really hear anything. Does anyone have...
  5. scooby

    Rickey Woodard Transcription

    It has been a while since I updated my website. Today, I added a new transcription to my website. This one features Rickey Woodard on alto playing "But Not For Me." Jazz Saxophone and Flute Transcriptions
  6. Chilli

    St Thomas, again...

    A follow-up of my previous post in this part of the forum (Sonny, Bob Mintzer). Still working on St. Thomas, but this time the original by Sonny Rollins. Here's my transcription and somewhat contestable rendition of Rollins' 1st solo on the tune, from the album Saxophone Colossus. I can't manage...
  7. Chilli

    Sonny - solo transcription

    Here's half of the homework I was assigned by my tutor for the summer: my transcription (and rendition) of Bob Mintzer's Sonny The original can be heard here Since it's based on Rollins' St Thomas, I used an Aebersold backing track. The hardest part was memorizing the 6 choruses :eek:
  8. rhysonsax

    My Transcription of Hank Mobley's "The Turnaround" 2016-06-02

    This is a transcription that I did in 2015 of the head and Hank Mobley's tenor solos on his tune "The Turnaround" which I really like. You are welcome to download the transcription and please let me know if you find any errors or have suggestions for improvements. The transcription is just...
  9. scooby

    Jackie McLean Transcription - Confirmation

    I've added a transcription of a Jackie McLean solo on "Confirmation" to my website: Jazz Saxophone and Flute Transcriptions Enjoy! - Scooby
  10. scooby

    Phil Woods Transcription

    I've added a transcription of a Phil Woods solo on "Scrapple From The Apple" to my website: Jazz Saxophone and Flute Transcriptions Enjoy!
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