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  1. ac30kev

    Saxophones Elkhart Tenor

    Well, I just bought an Elkhart tenor from fleabay for a song and wondered if anyone could tell me anything about these horns? The wife of a friend of mine (also a beginner) has one and says they are good to start on, but like me, has limited knowledge. Can anyone shed any light on this sax, please?
  2. E

    "Why do you need a new mouthpiece?"

    ... that's what her ladyship (Mrs Martillo) is going to say. And now I am wondering how to explain it. I can imagine the following conversation: "Yes, I have ordered a bright, shiny new PPT 8* tenor mouthpiece. No it won't make me play any better. " Sounds a bit weak doesn't it? Any tips?
  3. saxyjt

    Saxophones Yanagisawa T5 Tenor

    I've just spotted this add for a Yanagisawa T5 tenor If I wasn't GAS banned, I'd go take a look. Perhaps it will be a beauty once cleaned-up. In fact, I think I am going to take a look anyway.
  4. sax panther

    M/Pieces - Ligs reed suggestions for PPT 7*

    I've been clean for almost a year I think, but today I had a GAS attack. Very shortly there will be a PPT onyxite 7* (Tenor) in the post to me, courtesy of a naive ebay seller whose listing ended mid afternoon when most people are hard at work. My current Berg Larsen is a 120/1/SMS, so this...
  5. Ads

    Saxophones Anti-Gas . (the opposite of GAS) is addictive

    I`m back to where I was when I joined this forum - ONE Selmer tenor sax and that`s it ...... OK , the Venus Sop is with an old mate who doesn`t want to give it back (I`m hoping he`ll buy it, I mean, it`s only £70 - if he doesn't , it`ll be on the Yardsale) and I`ve just sold the YAS280 on the...
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