1. GaryF

    Coming out of the closet

    Hiya I recently took up tenor sax after a 30 year hiatus with my clarinet. As in, I re-took up the clarinet about two years ago Loving playing the tenor, but wow, those long notes are tricky down the register. Anyhow, thanks for this and happy blowing!! Gary
  2. D


    Hello everyone. I'm David and I've been playing for more than fifty years. I'm mainly a Clarinet player but also play saxophone. I have a Bauhaus Walstein curved soprano, an old Beuscher Truetone alto and a Conn Lady's Face tenor. I'm a member of CASSGB and my interests are all things...
  3. M

    Question about the playing the sax series

    sorry to ask this here, but couldn't find a contact page on the PT site, so here goes. I was wondering how useful the Taming the Sax series of books is for clarinet? I don't own a sax, just a clarinet, mostly cos I actually prefer the tone of it over the sax (sorry, there's no accounting for...
  4. sax panther

    Tenor mouthpiece, clarinet mouthpiece, and Backun clarinet barrel

    For sale....grab a bargain. I will probably spend the proceeds on more mouthpieces. Tenor Rousseau Studio Jazz mouthpiece SOLD This is the SJ5, which according to the rousseau website equates to a .100 tip opening (same as a link 7). Bit of an impulse purchase after reading some good reviews of...
  5. Nick Wyver

    Drastic mouthpiece mods

    I've been given an alto clarinet with a mouthpiece that's been butchered, presumably in an attempt to 'improve' it. The facing is largely flat, at a slight angle to the table, leading to a slight curve about 5mm to the tip. It only plays if you insert practically the whole of the mouthpiece in...
  6. jonf

    SOLD Lyons C Clarinet for sale

    Lyons C Clarinet for sale. Bought from the forum a couple of years ago, largely unplayed since then. Review, which includes a couple of photos here (credit and thanks to Ads, the author of the review) Clarinets - Lyons C Clarinet review These are great fun, play surprisingly well and don't...
  7. MandyH

    Clarinets Clarinet mouthpieces

    I have just acquired a Buffet E11 on fleabay (a bargain to be honest, almost new and in excellent condition) I took it to the repair tech for a once over and it was declared perfect! But he asked if I'd considered other mouthpieces. Now, not being a clarinet expert, and knowing nothing about...
  8. MandyH

    Clarinets Clarinet upgrade

    I am thinking about upgrading my Bb clarinet, but I don't really know much about them. I have a Yamaha 250, which I picked up on EBay cheap and it turned out to be in perfect condition. My teacher mentioned Buffet and LeBlanc as also being names, along with Yamaha for an intermediate clarinet. I...
  9. kaiserthegreat

    Clarinets NLSD: Yamaha YCL-255

    Well I'm committed now. Nothing fancy but a first clarinet for me. Tried putting it together... Psyche okay I figured it out, but honestly I did have to look it up. (There's like FIVE different pieces!) I can't play yet so I can't really review the instrument for anyone other than to...
  10. kaiserthegreat

    American Starting Anew

    Hello, Hello. 41 year old male. California native. Wife and two kids. Great. I played alto saxophone in grade school band, but got tired of the Star Spangled Banner. Then I took private lessons in junior high, but got tired of the Pink Panther theme. That's when I dropped it all together...
  11. Jules

    SOLD Clarinet/ Recent overhauled with Vandoren 5RV Mouthpiece

    A rather nice ebonite clarinet I acquired from Ads some months ago. Since then it’s had a full overhaul, a couple of pads replaced, has a nice slick case and a Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece & is playing rather well from bottom to as near the top as I can get (my shortcomings, nothing to do with ther...
  12. KenL

    "Aria" by Acker Bilk Sheet music wanted

    I've taken up the clarinet as well as the sax and I've been trying to find either an Acker Bilk music book or the sheet music for "Aria", it's out of print so no one has it in the shops. Could anyone help me with this please?
  13. Ads

    SOLD British Made Wooden Clarinet Rudall Carte

    For sale - Rudall Carte Romily Rondo Clarinet - they made Ebonite ones later on (think they were Cortons) but this is an English made granadilla wood one and comes in the original case (Showing its age) .. Condition wise the wood is bang on , Corks are fine and pads are serviceable (but old so...
  14. davidk

    SOLD Ridenour Lyrique 576 Clarinet and accessories

    This is a complete clarinet setup, since I've decided that the clarinet isn't my voice. Included in this sale: Ridenour Lyrique 576 BC ebonite clarinet with two barrels Walter Grabner CXZ_K14 mouthpiece (A=440 Hz) Protec case cover Haynes Clarinet Manual signed by the author Cleaning cloths...
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