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In Yogathe "Ocean Breath" is a great way to relax, breathe and develop lungs for sax. I do it many nights lying in bed before sleep as well as while watching TV I do it every day with my Yoga exercises.

@spike while I am not sure about teh percentages the concept is right on IMO. Which is why I am so boring on Long Tones and Overtones.
Keep Blowing

Keep Blowing

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Having listened to all the advise that was posted,. I had four 30 minute sessions practicing long tones, overtones, with a few riffs and scales thrown in. All this was done at a whisper in the dark, @jbtsax exercises will be incorporated in the next few weeks. Along with @Guenne octave playing suggestion ( I have had a little go at this)

It's all been very worthwhile and I recommend other people to do the same type of thing. It's probably the first time ever I have really been aware of what my mouth etc was doing, when I had a good blow over the weekend my tone was a little clearer and my fingers weren't flapping as much,. My patch had come offI was more relaxed and didn't really need it, I put one back on today though. More long tones tonight after dark.
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