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Breaking a bad habit


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In Yogathe "Ocean Breath" is a great way to relax, breathe and develop lungs for sax. I do it many nights lying in bed before sleep as well as while watching TV I do it every day with my Yoga exercises.

@spike while I am not sure about teh percentages the concept is right on IMO. Which is why I am so boring on Long Tones and Overtones.

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NB I'm going to delete some of the posts based off of this misunderstanding or misinterpretation in an effort to keep the thread on track as it could be quite useful discussion.
1st world problems and all that, but my alerts are now stuck on 4 and won’t go away...:(
Keep Blowing

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Having listened to all the advise that was posted,. I had four 30 minute sessions practicing long tones, overtones, with a few riffs and scales thrown in. All this was done at a whisper in the dark, @jbtsax exercises will be incorporated in the next few weeks. Along with @Guenne octave playing suggestion ( I have had a little go at this)

It's all been very worthwhile and I recommend other people to do the same type of thing. It's probably the first time ever I have really been aware of what my mouth etc was doing, when I had a good blow over the weekend my tone was a little clearer and my fingers weren't flapping as much,. My patch had come offI was more relaxed and didn't really need it, I put one back on today though. More long tones tonight after dark.
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