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Reviews PPT9* and three other mouthpieces

old git

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old git submitted a new resource:

PPT9* and three other mouthpieces - A layman's view

A PPT 9* and three other mouthpieces. A layman's view.

It was a logical purchase or so I keep telling myself. What made me specify a 9* from Pete when only a lazy, late beginner/semi-intermediate player? Everyone was advising a Yamaha 4 when the supplied plastic beginner’s mouthpiece was replaced on a whim. As the only Yamaha in stock was a 6, guess what temporally cured the GAS? So from the start I’m two tips up on the recommended size. Next was a Java T75 and meeting Griff who wanted a go at...
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I really enjoyed reading this. Only got four stars from me because my own cataracts made me hit the wrong spot on the iPad and no way of correcting it. Apologies OG if I have somehow messed up your street cred. Five stars from me.
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