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Are they really worth ££££'s


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Where better than to ask here. MkVI's and SBA's are they really worth so much money?? A MkVI for £5000:shocked: and an SBA for £7000:shocked:. Surely common sense has to play apart in all this. Both horns would have been less than £3000 4/5 years ago.. Or are they being bought as an investment??? Hmmm!



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Are these the asking price or the actually price for a completed sale ?

As with any item or commodity the price is all about supply and demand - there is no absolute intrinsic value. Selling prices could go up or down according to fashion, the general economy and all sorts of other factors like baby boomer mid-life crises and banker bonuses. I am sure that the internet itself has had a major influence on the price of items such as particular saxophone models and particular mouthpieces.

I wouldn't pay those sort of prices for a MkVI, but I already have mine - bought way cheaper than that a few years ago. But those numbers do mean that I am reluctant to take my valuable horns out on gigs, and so have cheaper horns for that.



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They are worth what someone else is willing to pay to state the obvious. the collectible aspect of SBA, Mk6 and 10ms Silversonics etc is a large part of that price. If what is really being asked is whether one is getting value For ones money, well, that is a very different question.

Imo the answer is still quite subjective. One thing about a good collectible sax is they tend to not lose value so as long as one doesnt pay over the odds. If they have the sound you want and the ergonomics work for you getting a horn that is rising in value is a plus.

I have a lovely oldSML GM1 stencil that is a great sounding and playing horn. Isnt likely to go down in value but not being a "name" wont appreciate as much as a known one.

Unfortunately the ergonomics started giving me rsi issues. So i bought. jK shadow which has a the sound I want and great ergos. One day it may be a collectible. Dont know, dont much care as I am not a collector.
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Those seem to be the prices that are regular being asked.
Yes they have risen over the last few years but so too have the pro new horns of the top 4.
I can remember when a Yamaha 62 tenor would have cost you just over £900,now they are £2200 and it wasn't that long ago either.
I too am like Rhys and i don't take my MkIV out on gigs unless i know i have lots of room to use it.

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