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  1. Pete Thomas
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    If you enjoy CafeSaxophone or find it a useful resource, there are many ways you can support us, with or without any kind of financial outlay.

    Part of our financial support comes from advertising. We prefer not to have too many distracting banners. However it is useful for any sponsors if the forum is an active place where saxophone players come to discuss stuff or maybe just chew the saxophone fat.

    Along with our other saxophone site Taming TheSaxophone, this is a non profit making organisation. All profits from these sales is donated, this year (2013/14) we have been funding a music programme at Heaton School for children with severe learning disabilities and raised over £8000. More about the fundraising

    Current Projects
    This year we are raising money for Langside School, Poole, Dorset. We are hoping to raise at least £5000 in order to buy a Soundbeam 5 Complete Kit as well other equipment, staff training and workshops.

    I visited Langside and met with Chris Maund. Most of the pupils need one to one attention, the staff are totally dedicated, enthusiastic and dynamic.but sorely in need of funds. The staff are even having to bring in their own musical instruments to help with classes.


    The forum is staffed by unpaid volunteers (thank you kevgermany, Chris, Jeanette and Aldevis, our wonderful moderators!)

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  1. mpj.brennan
    Reading about the projects supported by this site is very uplifting
    1. Pete Thomas
      Author's Response
      Thank you!