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Mouthpieces Zinner glass mouthpiece - any info?


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Just acquired a beautiful old Yamaha 62 - more on that another time. With it came a glass Zinner mouthpiece, marked 5m. Anyone know these? Any good? What are they worth?.
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Re: Sinner glass mouthpiece - any info?

Zinner or Zaint, I heard that every glass mouthpiece was made by Pomarico.
I never got along with them.
Re: Sinner glass mouthpiece - any info?

Any good?

Erm, aren't you the one in the best position to say whether it's any good or not, given that it's you who has one? Why don't you give it a blow and tell us what you think?

Was the sax that nice purple logo one on eBay recently?
Re: Sinner glass mouthpiece - any info?

Yes I am the one with the mpc and yes I have tried it! - it's fine. However a more experienced player than me would probably detect its qualities in a way I wouldn't...

Just wanted to check I wasn't in possession of the fabled crystal mouthpiece of Lung Chin Den, presumed lost in the early 13th century in what was then Upper Lauritania- a full 700 years before the saxophone was rediscovered by Mr Sax. I am sure you have heard tell of it.

And yes, definitely glass.

What I am using mouthpiece-wise will be the subject of a different post, once I have satisfied myself that I am not deluded or tone deaf.
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