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PPT Mouthpieces

YTS62 PurpleLogo + various M/P

Exmoor, West Somerset
Bought new circa 1980 as a backup horn probably played 5/10 weeks in total. Some buckle rash around sling ring and microphone scuffs inside bell supplied with brand new Yamaha 5C Custom m/p c/w lig/cap. looking £875.00

Runyon spoiler bari M/P...Yamaha 5C Bari...dukoff tenor(very loud/mean)...Hite premire tenor...White brillhart tenor c/w with original monogramed lig/cap....unknown melody 'C' mp....yamaha B/Clarinet of all these on at

Suitable donations to petes charity depending on what sells, any thing left will go on the devils junkyard

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