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Saxophones Yts s3


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Normans were selling them for a while. They're the same saxes as the YTS275, with, if memory serves me right, a cheaper case. Yamaha was marketing them for the schools programme which allows you to claim back the VAT. They were a bit cheaper than the 275, and Yamaha tried to get retailers to sell them only for school use. However, Normans at least were prepared to sell them to anyone who came along.


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Hi Tommy,

EDIT: Jon beat me too it!

There was a tread about them a while back but a quick search hasn't pulled it up.

From memory it's a Yamaha YTS 275 but in a different case and I think intended to be sold to students through schools or via certain retailers. Again from memory it was at a lower price than the YTS 275 by enough to be quite tempting. A bit of googling and no one seems to be selling them anymore, I wonder if it was a short lived initiative. I think the case looks better too!

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