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North Lancs
I haven't played tenor for about two years due to concentrating on alto,and I can feel the onset of alto GAS, so I have decided to offer my YTS 32 for sale. It plays beautifully, top to bottom with excellent intonation. I have tried various other tenors, including MkVI, and preferred this to them all. Recent correspondence on this site has said that the YTS32 was made as an intermediate horn but is good enough for pro use and I have to agree with that. I was told when I bought it 10 years ago that it had been used professionally. It's in pretty good condition, just one very small ding and some scratching around the sling ring. I would say the laquer is better than 95%. In addition to the original Yamaha case it would come witha virtually unused Hiscox Liteflite Pro 11, an Otto Link STM 7, and a full box of unused Rico Royal 2 1/2 reeds.
I am asking for £850 plus postage, which I would estimate at about £15. The usual donation to Pete's charity fund. If anyone is interested and needs further info please PM me


Busking Oracle
Rugby UK
Lightning sale 2 hours and twenty minutes!!!!!!! Well done guy's! Is that a record Pete, I think I ought to call Norris McSquerter!


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Gone West
Many thanks O.C.V. A very pleasant buying experience from exceptionally nice people, what more could anyone want, a pleasure doing business with you.

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