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Beginner Sax Your thoughts on the Jean Paul USA Tenor saxophone?


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I'm looking to bet back into playing after a 40 year hiatus. I played an alto back then but wish to take up the tenor.
I've got a tight budget of about £1000 so have been looking at brands in that price range.
The JP USA Tenor appears to be a good choice so just wondered what your thoughts are on this model?
I, probably most of us on here have not heard of them. This isn’t always a cause for alarm though.
A quick Google brought up this, which you may or may not have seen. For Sax.co.uk to stock the instruments is a positive, and I think that Jim Cheek gives good info and reviews.
We have a member who might be able to throw first hand light: @Jules

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Wally Wallace gives a pretty thorough, and positive, review here. His only caveat seems to be about resale value which applies to all new horns anyway.

It’s worth noting that he’s playing the Pro model here and I can’t remember if he compares the two, I think he does with the alto which he also rates.

View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YMKE6G9lO7o
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If you can get to sax.co.uk in London they have a fair number within, and close to, your price range and even if you don’t feel able to make an informed judgement you will still probably be able to get a feel for what seems right and get some advice. If its too far for you to travel give them a call.
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OK so I have played these, AND I have serviced them. Here's a quick, drive-by reply:

They don't s#ck.

And I expected them to, because they are so cheap, new.

But what I found was their regulation holds well, the horn was not riddled with the usual imprecisions of construction one finds with cheap Chinese horns: key play was minimal, the post screws moved in and out smoothly, key action was reasonably responsive.
Intonation was decent.
Tone was nothing to write about...it was a bit thin and bright; a Yama 23 ( a horn which I do NOT think sounds good, tonally) sounds a little better than a JP.

The strap eyelet is cheap...on two horns which had been owned only for a couple years by players who played them often, the eyelet was wearing thin. The pads are basically budget chinese pads but they had not failed on any of the horns, again after 2-3 years of player use. They weren't soft and fluffy, they were medium-ish, okay.
The body metal is ..OK..I mean it didn't strike me as chincy or alarmingly light. Two owners were kids in HS and college who used them in marching and stage bands and they got a lotta road time, and again, they weren't falling to pieces at all, nor riddled with dents.

The key casting quality is a bit meh....but the keys weren't 'soft' by any means.

Their blowing response wasn't bad at all.

So, for the $, for a new horn...if one insisted on a new horn.... and all you could buy with that money was a cheap new horn made in China - a JP wouldn't be a foolish choice, honestly. I might go so far as to say its probably more of a known quantity/quality than most budget, store branded horns.

My question would be...if your budget is limited, why not get a used horn of greater repute/longer track record instead ?

But again, it isn't the 'typical chinese budget horn'...which IS something.
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I think it’s the 400 model we’re talking about, the 860 costs a lot more.

Dawkes have a couple of Yamahas a YTS 275 and a 280 on their coming soon second hand list for around £1000. They are taking enquires at the moment. I’m sure people here will know of others, probably cheaper but Dawkes come just overhauled and a 6 month guarantee.
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Yes, indeed one is ALWAYS gonna get more for their quid by going used - opens up possibility of Yamahas, Jupiters, Buffet, etc... (you just have to ask a few more questions and confirm things so you don't get burned) ...but when you are trying to keep to £1000 and insist on new...as I said, the JP wouldn't be a foolish buy.
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It's being sold by someone 30 mins from you.

I'll message you with info.

The 25 may be just as good, but may be in poorer condition. Buying a Yamaha tenor at the right price you'll get your money back on resale if you keep it nice. A JP would be harder to move on if/when you upgrade.
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