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Your Favourite Picture Of You Playing

Not the best picture, but a frame grab from a video of my first ever solo during Friday's concert.

First solo went better than the second... Learnt a valuable lesson to practice the bars before the solo :doh: loosing yourself in the bars before = a bit of panic, and rushed solo.

Ooh key change... Don't know about you, but that always upsets my solo equilibrium
We have a guitar player on the worship team who basically plays in one key, G, but has been bold enough to venture out in C and D. Some aren't interested in expanding their horizons.

Playing in other keys is not difficult, just gets taking used to.

During those lonely winter nights bell ringing for the Salvation Army on my saxes for hours at a time, I'd practice playing in other keys. Play a traditional A Capella in a standard key, then modulate up a half step. After a while, could do it in every key. (Was good practise for playing the lower end of falsetto, also.)

Got bored when shoppers became fewer, so I even played the Russian National Anthem. Russian collusion in US?
Nah, nobody even recognized the song I played! :banana:
You knocked out winner
@Digger2054 certainly did! :thumbs:
One of my classmates is an excellent photographer (and budding bass player :) ). His name is Jay Taylor.

He was the official photographer for Festival Sundiata here in Seattle. I was subbing for the sax player for Kalimba - The Spirit of Earth Wind and Fire. They bill themselves as the best EWF tribute band extant and I think many would agree. The week before this show they were in Egypt opening the show for Sister Sledge.

Had a blast playing with them.

Jay took a shot from behind the stage. I thought it is really well done.


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