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Your Favourite Picture Of You Playing

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We spend so much time ripping apart our playing, dissecting all of our flaws and generally not celebrating our successes that I thought a thread where we share our favourites images of ourselves playing would make a nice change.

I'll get the ball rolling with this image taken by my other half at a ska gig. It was my first ever experience of stepping in at the last moment (48 hours earlier I'd never even heard most of the 30 or 40 songs, never mind played them). Actually, thinking about it, it was the first time I'd ever played ska music. It was also my first gig with my Keilwerth. Musically it was a bit of a disaster - the band wasn't well rehearsed (to say the least) and the singer kept changing the arrangements as he sang. The first 45-50 minute set was over in under 30! But other than my G# sticking on one song, that I couldn't hear because I was stood next to the PA speaker with no monitoring at all, I think I pulled off my parts without embarrassing myself. At least not too badly. ;)

It was definitely a fun gig but I'd be lying if I said I'm not also glad that there are no recordings from the night or that my name was never mentioned. ;) Normally I prefer action shots but there's just something atmospheric about this picture that I really like.

This is a bit of nostalgia from 1969 although a bit embarrassing. The Salt Lake Tribune used this picture as part of their coverage of the Intermountain Collegiate Jazz festival. I was into my Paul Desmond "look alike" phase and had not yet learned to not puff my cheeks---although the tune was Cold Duck Time and I was doing my best to sound like Eddie Harris.

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