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Beginner You'll think I'm mad ...

Shetland Islands
Yes I know I haven't posted on here for what seems like ages and to be honest, I haven't been able to practise either.

First I had the chest infection followed by Christmas and then a friend (aged 78) had a fall so in the middle of all those snow blizzards, I had to leg it down from here in the Shetland Islands to Co. Durham. Since then, work has been busy and every time I went to pick up the old Boozy Squawk, my neighbour came in from work or hubby did.

Ah yes, the joys of being a beginner Well, on the occasions I did manage to stick said mouthpiece in gob, the squeaks were terrible and talk about being inconsistent. Blow it (or not) I thought, didn't I read about people soaking their reeds overnight. Well my poor reed ended up being soaked in a mouthwash/water mix for a week and sat in an old cup on the kitchen window sill.

Oooh errr ....

... by jove peeps, forget what teacher said about sticking read in gob for 30 secs to a minute, I've finally got a note! Ah, no squeaks. I should add that I have also purchased a new neck strap (cushioned). Actually, I played two notes. I am absolutely clueless as to whether or not I sounded any good but the walls are not covered with spit, I had no squeaks and felt the reed vibrating a tad. I wasn't breathless either after 10 minutes but my jaw does hurt a tad.

Right, I'll go and sit back in me corner now and wish I didn't have tiny hands. Me thinks I may need some of those key riser thingies in months to come.

So, did I oversoak the reed? Does it matter?

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