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Is it just me or do most people scroll through 'you tube' clips trying to find the best sax players on there ? The ones that really do it for me are 'Gene Walker' with The Sean Carney Band playing 'Night Train'. King Perkoff playing 'I've been loving you too long', and King Perkoff with Bo Gustafsson playing 'Night Train'. Well that's the sort of thing I like.
Have any readers of this put themselves playing on 'you tube'?, and if so where can we find you? I haven't because I'm nowhere near good enough yet, but if and when I get a piece of paper from Trinity Guildhall saying that I can play ok I might just put my mug up there, ;}


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Thanks for the link Chris. Mr Bojangles, I think a lot of people trawl through YouTube to see if they can find someone who plays in a particular style. I love YT because, until recently, I'd never heard of the likes of Ben Webster. I YT'd him and found one of the most outstanding and emotional players ever. I loved his style and found similarities (all be it small ones) in the way I play.
If you go to the "Favourite YouTube" section of the cafe, then I'm sure you'll find plenty of other players you'll love or find inspiring (or even hate.) Have fun
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