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Humour You Brits Don't Know What You're Missing

There's a long tradition of terrifyingly unmusical marching bands in the North East of England. I remember this from my youth, but was appalled to discover that it is still going on.
I find it a stretch to even call this group a "band" since there is only percussion and no other instruments. The Drum and Bugle Corps of Drum Corps International have set a new standard for "field show" performance here in the U.S. It is this style that all of the high school and university marching bands try to emulate. This is a clip from one of my favorite groups: The Santa Clara Vanguard.

The important thing is that all the participants enjoy themselves - regardless of the audience's experience! Which reminds me of something I seem to recall mentioning here before - excuse the spelling but whatever happened to Margarita Prakatan who was featured by Clive James some years ago. Tongue in cheek I suspect but who could have been a featured vocalist with Portsmouth Symphonia. I believe the only qualification for membership was wanting to join in!


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