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York C Melody sax


Darwen, Lancashire
I got this York C Melody sax (Low Pitch) to play with a friend who played accordion (someone has to), but they have since sold it. I no longer play this sax and it should go to someone who can. For me it has a lovely tone - almost bassoon-like in the lower octave.

It has only been played for a few hours since a full overhaul and re-padding. I think it is in very good condition for its age (serial no, 49359, about 1913-1917 according to Dan Cipriano's website) but naturally shows its age in wear of the silver plating at the sensitive spots. The case is in similar condition (perfectly sound but with wear at some edges and a non-original but quite reasonable handle). The mouthpiece is unnamed and there is a new metal ligature. There is no strap with it because I had to cannibalise one of my old ones.

I can supply photographs by arrangement, because I haven't yet worked out how to incorporate them with this thread!

Cost: £350 o.n.o., with 5% going to Pete's charity. Carriage/delivery to be arranged.


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I'm not interested, but perhaps I can ask if it's low or high pitch?
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