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Yet Another You


Victoria, BC
I did this one about a year ago and hadn't quite gotten it down.
It's one of those tunes that you should be able to play well over.

I consider it an essential jazz standard. So I figured I'd see how I've shaped up and give it another go.

It's a super hoaky backing track but it's good and fast and gets the job done.

I didn't think pacing myself was the right choice with this one so it's a little balls to the wall from the get go.
I've only got so much time on it after all.

I'm basically going on a recording kick. Analyzing my playing by putting a bunch of stuff out. I seem to do these in waves.

Enjoy this version of There Will Never Be Another You.



New Member
one of my favorite tunes. A little too many notes in the head, but the improv is fun to listen to. Good job, man!

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