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Saxophones Yas 475 ????


peterborough uk
Hi Tom do you think the Bauhaus Walstein Alto is as good as a yas 475??? i need to move up a level i play Erlham pro 2 at the moment iits always been serviced and plays very nice. But i feel i need to move up a littls.A 275 would show now improvment but i am told a 475 would make a difference ???? thanks Tom.:sax:


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Skabertawe, South Wales
I've not played either, so not able to answer. My own take would be that it is going to be better to get a pro quality instrument, than an intermediate one, which can seem like an unnecessary one. Identify what you are looking for soundwise, and see what is available used or otherwise. Bauhaus Walstein seem to be based on Yanagisawa design, but at cheaper cost. I have a BW curved soprano (highly rated against the Yani equivalent - BW about £350, Yani upwards of £1600), and know lots of folks who have the BW Tenor, which is also rated highly compared to the similar Yani (again much cheaper). Both seem to be considered of pro quality, but without the price tag!

From a practical perspective I have tried various Yamaha Brass instruments, and to tend to feel that they are a little overpriced (as are others), and that there are excellent cheaper instruments, but less well known (like Bauhaus Walstein, Hanson and Weril.....). So not wedded to Yamaha, but aware that their pro quality saxes seem to have a bit of a following. Just skeptical of intermediate quality instruments (whatever they are).

Hope this is helpful!

Linky Lee

Salisbury, UK
Yamaha saxes are great instruments, but the intermediate ones are a bit over priced in the market today.
Bauhaus-Walstein are very good too as mentioned, and definately value for money.
I personally really like the Yamaha saxes. I play an old YAS62, for me it`s the perfect horn. Fantastic ergonomics, great feel, easy blowing and responds really well. - The sound, that`s down to you, but yamahas tend to give your tone a crisp bright edge. qite a pure sound.
The Bauhhaus-Walstein is more of a darker, deeper tone. A bit more complex ( I play a Walstein Tenor).

If you can stretch to 800 you can pick up a second hand 62 fairly easily and as long as it`s in good nic you should never need another alto. I doubt I will.


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I have had a couple of Yam 62 alto's and a Yam 21 alto,and selmer MK6 alto,JK,and selmer serie 2 alto's and the BW Bronze is a fantastic horn that is up there with them.The most important thing is tuning and it's great,a total bargain at the cost.All good horn's have there own little thing going on and the BW is a very nice sounding,playing horn.Find a nice mp,reed setup and your sorted.


Southsea .Portsmouth
Hi just wondering :confused: Do you think i would get a yas 475 for about £500
thanks Tom

Hi Tom
The one thing that the Yamaha has got that none of the others horns have got. (inc Yanagisawa)... That is consistency. You cold take 10 Yamaha's out of the box and 9 or ten of them will play the same. So with a Yamaha you know what you have got coming in the post.

A big fave of mine is the 32... That is the made in Japan 475. The 32 set up well is a David of the Alto sax world. It has not got some of the superficial glamour of the others, but it has balance and colour.

So if your were to ask me have things gone down somwhat for Yamaha ? I would have to say yes...I do not think they are now made as well as they once were. But then we all know why Yamaha now need to cut corners.

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