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Yanigasawa alto sax mouthpiece, lig and cap, jazzlab silencer and Fusion case/bag


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For sale, seller donates 5%.

Yanigasawa ebonite alto sax mouthpiece, 5*. Very good condition, biteplate patch always used. £40.

Jazzlab silencer for alto sax. Used but thoroughly cleaned and sterilised - no marks or other wear. see . £15

Fusion alto sax bag. This is the intermediate model with 20mm padding. Very good condition. See for more detail - usual price £78.95. Selling for £30

Note I am on holiday from July 22nd for two weeks.

Rovner lig (dark? not sure - see pic) yas275altobag2.jpg yas275lig.jpg yas275mpc2.jpg yas275altobag.jpg yas275silencer.jpg yas275mpc.jpg and cap, very good condition £10

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