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Hi everyone, I have a Yanigaswa A901 for sale, it is in immaculate condition and is just over a year old.
It comes in its original case with black ebonite mouthpiece, neck strap and some reeds, It is up for £950 with £50 going to Petes charity.
It plays beautifully only selling because I have a bad neck and want to replace it with a soprano which hopefully will be lighter for me. If you need anymore information just get in touch, oh I am in the Northamptonshire area. :w00t:
My advice is to keep the sax while you try to resolve your neck problem. I play my bari with a shoulder strap and the tenor with a Neotech and never have a problem. With the alto I use an ordinary sling and get a sore neck. My lightest instrument gives me a pain.

A new sling might cure your neck pain. There is a thread on here called "The best neck strap ever". Have a look at that. I like my Neotech, and BG do a good harness.

I play with a couple of ladies who rest their altos on the seat between their legs. Works for them. Tension causes pain so check to see that you are relaxed while playing.

I could be seriously tempted by this. I'm gearing up to upgrade my alto and this could fit the bill. However, I'm inclined to agree with Jim - if you've got a bad neck then I'm not sure that swapping this for a soprano is the answer. I don't think the Yani is a particularly heavy instrument is it? Take a trip to a good physiotherapist before parting with it. If you're really determined to let it go though, I need to (a) check my pennies and (b) persuade the boss - a physiotherapist, by the way.
I have a an arthritic neck and use a Neotech sling which goes over my left shoulder and under my right armpit....seems to work well for me. (My BW alto is quites heavy one...heavier than a 901, I'm sure).
A friend of mine has given up playing the clarinet because of the thumb, and wrist pain he has suffered for years. He has gone over to the alto sax and uses a BG shoulder strap. He has no pain now. Sometimes he rests the sax on the chair he's sitting on.

Hello SaxKitten, I agree with most of what's already been said. I had aches and pains playing alto and sat it on the chair or a stool in front of me, playing with no strap on at all. Don't seem to have that problem now, since I got a Sop, and split my practise time up between the alto & sop.

Best of luck
Cheers & Ciao
Hey Saxkitten,

have you perhaps considered using a harness instead of a sling, this would at least get the weight off of your neck.

A friend of mine, a "Pro" Tenor Player has a "La Bayle" harness which does up round his waist and then the straps go up the back and over the front of his shoulders with no weight borne on his neck. He swears by it.

Regards, Mikey

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