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Saxophones Yanagisawa Tenor 00877XXX model identification


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Hello everyone! Im a new user at this forum. I have occasion to buy Yanagisawa tenor saxophone and i really need help with model and production year identification. Links to the photos below, i dont know history of this specific sax so i dont have any mor informations about. The only thing i know, that the serial number is 8 digits.

I will be gratefull for Your help, maybe someone advice me if it is worth to buy.


IMG 20170531 231557
IMG 20170601 092724
unnamed 1
unnamed 2
I am really grateful for Your response. I am confused because i cannot match the serial number to number charts I found in the internet :( It costs 1.400 USD. It's sounds great and an intonation is good too.
It's probably a T500.
Definitely not a T800.

But the pictures are a bit out of focus and there are no pictures of the important details.

It can be a good player... but at USD 1400 it is overpriced.
(You can buy modern semi-pro Yanagisawas for less... T900 or T901).
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