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Yanagisawa T991 Tenor Sax


Yanagisawa T991 Tenor saxophone for sale, £1200 (+ shipping costs: £35 UK, £90 EU, £120 US)
Instrument in good condition, few light scratches to bottom of instrument, comes with standard Yanagisawa mouthpiece, and also Dukoff D9 mouthpiece. Cheap price for quick sale
Ps will be donating standard Cafe Saxophone 5% of sale price, forgot to put this in original post, sorry!
d.reay, if you add some pictures it may help your sale. Good luck.
045.jpgthird time lucky to download pictures!
I'm not interested myself.

The sax looks to be in great condition. Might help if you can include a shot of the pads - the bigger, unguarded ones are usually easy to shoot. Also the mouithpieces, with shots of both sides, especially the flat side and tip.

And it looks as if the mouthpieces have been multplied. What are the newcomers?
All of the pads look like they are in really good condition, the gold mouthpiece is a yanagisawa one, the silver one is a Dukoff D9, i'm not sure about the plastic one though. This was my father's instrument, but he sadly passed away earlier this year, and I'm not a saxophonist so I do not know a great deal about it, I know he kept it really well, and had it serviced regularly. I play flute myself, so know the importance of well sealing pads. I will see if I can get some pics of the pads and mouthpieces as you have suggested. thanks loads for your advice.
Hi d.reay
Please have a look in your notification in box.
Hi to all who have sent me notifications - apologies for being a luddite, but did not realize how to access this content / area! hopefully I have replied to all, if I have not - send me another one!
This instrument has now been sold to a good home, and I hope the buyer gets a lot of use and enjoyment from it! Thanks to all who gave advice and showed interest in it.
I would like to take a closer look at the Yani, could we arrange a time, dolbob 01722 326737

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