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YANAGISAWA T901. Mint as new.


Older, wiser, should know better....
Burgess Hill, West Sussex
Having recently sold 3 saxes to fund my purchase of a Yani A992, I now yearn for a matching T992 and I need to sell my T901 to help to fund it. I will sell for £1600 (new cost is £2228). It is in top top condition mechanically and cosmetically, as new as less than 3 months old and comes with its case, neckstrap and a no.6 Yani ebonite mouthpiece (unused). I can throw in a yam 4c and some reeds if liked. Because it came in its original shipping cardboard box, complete with corks, I had it checked at They adjusted the action slightly on one or two keys and declared it perfect.

I have an opportunity to buy a second hand T992 and I can wait to sell as long as that is still available. After that, I can't be without a tenor so I'll keep it until another comes along.

5% to Pete's charity.
Why Prof? You have your lovely Martin collection. Do you fancy adding a Yani? I think you'll like it AND be able to reach all the keys.....:)
Trying to entice me to add a Yani to my growing collection? No need to try!! That is a great price for a three month old Yani. If only DavidUK could lend me the money...............
Thanks Emaitch. It turns out I can part ex it which I will do on Sunday if no-one wants it. So come on guys, great deal, fab sax, must go or I'll have to swap it. He'll feel so unloved...... :w00t:
Hi all, I realise it wasn't up for long but the gentleman I'm buying my new Yani from has asked to buy this as a back-up horn so it is no longer for sale.
The deal has been done. One happy new owner! Really happy it's gone to such a great person.

I'm seriously considering keeping the Yani as a backup horn, but if someone is interested in buying it for the original stated price contact me and I'll have a think about it! The Yani 901 is such a great horn. My main horn is now a Keilwerth SX90R black nickel, not as good overall as a Yani but I've just fallen in love with the sound of it.

Hope you enjoy your new horn!
Yes I am thrilled with my new tenor! I was going for a T992 but ended up with a T9932J and I'm in love with it. What a fantastic horn and a great sound. I went for this on ebay and Andy kindly agreed to take mine in part-ex so I'm not entirely destitute. It just goes to show that despite the horror stories about ebay, there are some genuinely great sellers on there. Then we found out we were both forum members so it's good to make that connection too.

I can't believe I own this sax, especially since I've been playing such a short time. Now I have to attempt to do it a little bit of justice!

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