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SOLD Yanagisawa T880 Tenor Saxophone with SKB case

Il Padrino

Well-Known Member
Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Firstly, I apologise to members who enquired about this very horn a few years ago when I put it up for sale then had to recede the sale due to unexpected work come in. I said that I'd keep your details to contact you again if I ever looked to sell it again. Unfortunately, those details were misplaced when I moved.

The T880 has a great reputation as being very similar to that Rolls Royce of saxes that sell for very many £££££. I've never owned one of those Rolls Royce's, only played them on occasion, so cannot confirm how similar. Perhaps it's more of a US players view? Although the centred tone was very similar, granted.

It's in very good condition for such a saxophone. Guaranteed no work needed. All pads are good, no leaks. There are some scratches in the usual places (sling hook, near the belt buckle area...for example). There's a small ding on the top side of the bell which doesn't show up in the photos.

The case is a SKB case, with a few markings on the exterior - I'll clean those up!

You're more than welcome to come give it a blow here at my studio, in Hitchin, Herts.

I would rather sell in person, but will sell also via courier if need be.

Payment welcome through Paypal if you're willing to cover the fees - (Jeanette, I'm assuming that is okay to request this... I remember there being a thread regarding Paypal a while back, but I can't seem to find it for reference).

If you'd like more particular photos etc., please contact me.

£1,100 - with minimum 5% donation.

Photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/54824950@N03/with/15649334501/
Hello Graybilly. Yes, it is still for sale. Feel free to send me a personal message if you're interested.
Thank you all for your interest, the tenor has sold via another site.

Jeanette, could you mark as sold, if that's the correct procedure? Many thanks.
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