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Hi Everyone,

I have been playing alto sax for about 5 years now and play a YAS-875EXS with Meyer 6M and Vandoren Java green 2.5 reeds. I have been thinking about buying another new mouthpiece, does anyone think I would be better off with a Yanagisawa Metal and if so what tip be honest I don't really understand the whole thing too much :), I play in a covers function band so need a bright sound that cuts through but not overpowering and suits all styles.



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does anyone think I would be better off with a Yanagisawa Metal and if so what tip size...


Not necessarily!
Regarding tip opening it's simple function that you want from it. You should be looking for one that allows you to control the reed/reed strength comfortably.
As for reed strength? Now you want one that is controllable again yet leans toward your needs tonally (brighter and cutting). This may take some experimenting because no one gets exactly the same results but I have to say that a Meyer 6 and 2.5 reed sounds like a good place to be.
Combining those two (tip and reed) bits of kit could be a little bit like chicken and egg but on a cost basis it makes sense to choose the mouthpiece then match it with reeds not the other way around.

Metal, rubber, berg, Meyer, doesn't matter, certainly not as much as the tip and chamber.
Meyer do a small chamber which would make the sound more penetrating over the medium for example.
The term baffle is often used and like the chamber it will alter the tone. The more baffle, the brighter the sound (usually).
The baffle sits behind the tip rail and comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturer.
I would personally experiment with reeds first.
If this doesn't do the trick try to find a mouthpiece similar to yours dimensionally if it's been good for you and work from there with baffles and chambers.

Good luck!
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Hi There!

A Meyer 6 would normally be considered to be a bright mouthpiece - is it NOT quite bright enough for what you want? If that is the case I would not imagine that the Yani metal is going to be any brighter particularly. You might want to give Marca Jazz reeds a go - people often describe them as bright (Reeds Direct stock them in UK - in boxes of 5), and they do have a "zing" to them which will accentuate the Meyer.

A metal ligature will also help brighten the sound (depends whether you use a fabric ligature). If you want a brighter mouthpiece after all that do look at the Runyon range of mouthpieces - Quantum, Custom and similar, and do some research on brighter/louder mouthpieces to see what might appeal.

Is it brightness or loudness that you seek, orperhaps both?
Kind regards
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Agreed. Why suddenly pick Yanagisawa? (Though I'm a fan - I use a silver Yani 8 on baritone).

Really you could do with trying a few mouthpieces either in a shop (if you have a friendly local specialist like Allegro in Oxford) or just by borrowing other people's kit.

If you don't want to go metal, Vandoren Java mouthpieces are fairly cutting, I use one on tenor in electric bands as a straight replacement for my damaged Dukoff D7. They should also suit your reed choice!

Also beware - it takes a few weeks and a couple of gigs to really work out whether or not you actually get on with a change to your setup.

Good luck,



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Thanks all for your great advice. I have been reading your replies for about an hour just to take it all in! I am actually happy with my set up but always strive to be better so that's why I wondered if a yani metal would help...and also since my sax is silver plated thought it may compliment it nicely too! I am off to Woodwind & Reed in Cambridge next month to get my sax serviced so will try a few different set ups to see if they are any better. Will give the Marca Jazz reeds a go too. Keep you posted as to my findings.

Thanks again :)


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