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M/Pieces - Ligs Yanagisawa metal mouthpieces at half price


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Ah, I missed the overstocking thing. Could well be promotion arranged by Yanagisawa (or its distributor) then.


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the Netherlands does have offers regularly and , at least once a year they have some major Yanagisawa offer of some sort, not long agoI bought a 65 neck for alto at half price and now I've bought a sopranino metal mouthpiece.

This , of course, could be due to overstocking but more often than not it is a way to generate interested in a shop and a product not unlike the supermaket's periodical special offers.

Yanagisawa is part of a sales strategy that is wisely carrying out.

Supermarkets compel their suppliers to a number of things, including a certain amount of " special offers" every so often. It is part of the deal that also includes a number of fees that the the supplier pays to the supermarket (most consumers wouldn't even know that a supplier is actually paying a supermarket to sell their products but they do).

You as a customer will get the advantage of buying cheap, both the shop and the factory are moving some stock and they are not doing so at a loss, at the same time interest is being generated and the shop might actually sell many more other items simply because more people are being brought to do some browsing and ordering.

Gettting the people in the shop (on line or not) is one of the most difficult and expensive things these days.........


I have just bought a nino m/p for half price from saxcouk:welldone[/QUOTE As|I have said,Milandro, you can't beat the JP, unless you are prepared to spend well over £1000. By the way, you also get a silver plated ligature and cap with your Yana metal m/p.These would probably cost £25+ to buy,which makes the deal a steal!
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I took advantage of this offer and got a tenor 9 and a sop 9. Tenor is particularly good (with Jazz Select 3M), sop is more powerful than my current Brancher but I think I need to try some different reeds to tweak the tone a bit. Both dead easy to play.

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