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Having bought a metal Yani tenor mouthpiece for what I thought was the "bargain" price of £130, I now see that both sax.co.uk and Howarths have all Yani metal mouthpieces at half price. Does anyone know why? Are they being discontinued?
Great metal mouthpieces IMHO, maybe they have a load in stock they want to shift, and although they are on sale they are not making a loss selling them thats' for sure and because theyre popular they might entice people to get into the shop and buy something else that is at full price.
A good recomendation ...

Yep! Griff recommended the Yanagisawa metal mouthpieces to me on an earlier visit to Jonathan Myall in Croydon [UK] ... :thankyou:

I bought one for my Alto and another for my Tenor ...

I find them to be very good, a nice accompaniment for my two Yanagisawa Saxophones ... :w00t:

Thanks Griff - You got it right on the button ... :welldone
I have an 8 that was a bonus in the case of a secondhand T880 I bought a couple of years ago. I use it (well actually both of them) all the time now. You can see them in the picture to the left!
I saw that sax.co.uk had reduced these mouthpieces and have seriously tried resisting the urge to get one for my tenor! I did think about a #9 but it might be too big for me as I blow a #6 or a #7 at the moment. An #8 would be better to try.

Its trying to justify another mouthpiece that I don't need just yet! This sax addiction is going to bankrupt me! >:)
I think overstocking by the importers is the reason.

Great mouthpieces, very, very well made, far better than the variable efforts from Otto Link and Berg Larsen. Utter bargains at these prices. I particularly like the alto ones, size seven. Have played these for years.
I keep reading how much everyone loves these mouthpieces >:) Temptation is rearing its ugly head :w00t:

Tossing between an #8 or a #9 for the Tenor. Might get one for the Soprano too, but not sure which lay #7 perhaps. I've got enough mouthpieces for the Alto at the moment!
I find this very odd. Sax UK sing the praises of these mouthpieces and other dealers claim that they are their best sellers, yet Sax UK are selling them at "half price!" I cannot imagine them being overstocked because they must know the rate at which they sell them and keep an appropriate stock level. I should imagine most sales of these are done online, so I wonder about this 50% reduction being used to tempt people into the shop to buy other things. If Sax UK has a good turnover on these mouthpieces, it doesn't make any sense to reduce the price to this extent. The dealership that claims the mouthpieces are their best seller is currently selling them at £178, so I doubt they'll be flying off their shelves with Sax UK's current offer! All very odd and why just Yanagisawa? I should imagine all will be revealed in due course.
Yep, it's the fact that two dealers are doing 50% reduction which is a bit suspicious.

Nothing suspicious.

Because one dealer is offering them at half price the other has decided to do the same - YThink of it as price matching. What you must also realise is even at half price the retailers are more than likely not making a loss.

Jules works at sax.co.uk so you could try asking him, or leave it a week and ask me as I'm working in the repair shop in the London store for a week to cover for Mark.
I don't think there's anything even vaguely odd about it. I think the importers have overstocked allowing retailers to buy at a better price. As Sax.co.uk say in their email flyer "Yanagisawa were a little overstocked in the UK".

Funny how, instead of appreciating a potential bargain, people have to go looking for some sort of rip-off conspiracy. :confused:
I don't really understand the explanation about importers overstocking. Why would they do that? They must know the general level of sales of these things. That is what they are in business for, after all. It's not "rip-off conspiracy" as much as finding it difficult to understand the commercial imperatives here; the mark-up levels and the rate of sales of yanagisawa mouthpieces. I do appreciate the bargain I have been offered - I have bought one! But forgive me for wondering how I have come to be offered it at this price and to consider as a matter of simple intellectual curiosity, what the retail profit margin on a £200+ mouthpiece is.
Well this is my thoughts on this one ...

I reckon - it's down to Yanagisawa - pumping their Metal mouthpiece(s) [a single - specific product] into the market, offering deals [attractive discounts] to the wholesalers - thus getting their name brand out [further, deeper or wider] into the market for us lot to consider buying Yanagisawa products ... :shocked:

Lets face it that's what it's really all about - applying a fair amount of dosh to sell their range of branded stuff ... [It's about brand names] :mrcool

Not many other makers are doing that at present - so Yanagisawa will most likely achieve their goal ... and along the route - we the punters will no doubt be pleased with them for their genourosity and therefore consider their brand when purchasing other goods ... :)

PS *Sunray waves to all of the Cafe members* - making this a world record - cos it ain't ever bin done before] ...

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