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Saxophones Yanagisawa A901 or Yamaha Yas 62 Alto Any preference?


worcester england
Hi, I am about to purchase either the Yani 901 or the Yam 62 Alto, they are about the same price, but is there any difference? I have read that the Yani is bright and the Yam is sweeter? The sound I would like is warm, smooth, dark,I like playing the jazz standards...ballads any suggestions or help please?


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Just north of Munich
Why don't you go to a shop that's got them (and others) in stock? Take your mouthpiece along. It's a big buy and worth the time/effort imho.


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The Malverns, Worcs
I agree with Kev.
I went to a shop with both of those on my target list plus a Selmer (I don't remember which, but all about the same price), fully expecting to buy the Yamaha, and came home with the Yani!
I loved the sound from the Selmer most, but I couldn't hit all the notes, no matter how hard I tried, and the Yamaha seemed to have a delay on one of the little finger keys - maybe the G#.
The Yani ticked all my boxes.
Still loving it after 2 years.


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Trevor Jones in Bristol does stock both saxes you mention and several others besides. They are currently offering a scheme where people are open to haggle over price, especially as the bottom has fallen out of the instrument market, at least in Bristol, so you could get a good deal. They also stock various Mauriat saxes and my preferred choice - the Buffet Crampon 400 Antique Matt Alto Sax. If you do go and try some, do take a mouthpiece/lig/used reed set-up that you know (assuming you already play Alto). For me the key is getting a sax which feels good in hand, and can produce the sort of tone that you are happiest with, be it bright, dark, mellow, complex or whatever.

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