PPT mouthpieces

Saxophones Yamahas at reasonable prices.

Normans - a bit inconsitent

Have you seen the equivalent advert for the alto model? On that, it says

"Please note, these models are supplied for bulk, education and AIPS sales only"

I wonder what would happen if a general customer was to buy one through the web site. They ought to honour the deal, but I wonder whether they will.

One thing for sure, it'll give a big knock to the strong used prices of Yamahahahas.
I'm not trying to hijack this thread, it's more puzzlement over Norman's pricing.
A month or so ago I bought a Conn-Selmer Prelude for an incredible £230, and recommended it to a friend. He checked the site and it is now £378.20!
What is happening?

Ask to buy the Yamaha, I'll be very surprised if they turn you down. Especially these days.

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