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SOLD Yamaha YTS-23


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Athens, Greece

I'm seeling my MIJ Yamaha YTS-23. It's in excellent technical condition. Pads in 10% of their life. You won't need to do anything to it for years. Speaks exceptionally from top to bottom. Great setup by Paraschos tech shop, it's the top tech in Greece.

It has typical lacquer wear and some scratches but no dents or anything that could affect it's playablilty.
Its a wonderful tenor.

I will ship it packaged carefully in it's original case which is in a so-so condition.
Honestly I am using a Gator ABS case for it. But for shipping it and storing it I think it's original case.

As an extra I will through a nice Rico mouthpiece and a couple of reeds if needed.

Price : 550 gbp
Payment method : Paypal - paypal fees on me.

I will ship it anywhere in the EU for 50gbp insured and well packaged.

25 gbp (5%) donation will be made to this forum

This is until this weekend. I'm trying to collect some money for a top condition Beaugnier 38T Duke exactly the same as my alto (selmer style LH pinky table - same engraving etc.) in immaculate condition, auctioned locally that is expensive but insanely hard to find again.

If it wasn't for this rare special horn and my sentimental bond with my Beaugnier alto I would never sell the Yami.

Thanks in advance everyone :)


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British Columbia interior, Canada
Good luck. That's a good price. I've had one for five years. I purchased it used. They are a discontinued model but new ones are still available here and there. I recently checked out and there were a couple of new ones available through a Yamaha dealer for $2425 US. I was going to sell mine as I recently (last week) purchased a used, but in new condition YTS-875 Custom tenor. I put the M1 neck from the 875 on the YTS-23. The M1 neck made it more free blowing and it sounded great to me. I decided not to sell the YTS-23.


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Athens, Greece
I know some people that put g1 necks on 23s. Thats a a nice solution if you want to direct its sound into a certain place but i think the reason these saxes are so wonderful is that they are neutral unlike the custom line of yamaha.

A well maintained 23 with a light action keywork setup is surpisingly versatile and cool. With a change of mouthpiece I can get it from a cello-like classical sound for my klose etudes into a jazz screamer in no time.

It reminds me of cheap japanese fender stratocaster guitars in the 90s. Neutral wuality guitars that beg to be played.

Fir me the 21 and 23 line is the absolute sleeper horn. And it often doesnt get the credit it deserves because people had them when they started and quickly "updated" to something else.


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North West UK
Those 90s Japanese Strats (the SIlver series) shamed a lot of USA ones for woodwork and mechanics - the 80s ones are legendary ! . YAS21 and 23 are superb - the 21 being based on the 61 body tube specs has a more aggressive sound which I love in an alto but not in the tenor (prefer 23/62 in tenor)

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