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Yamaha YSS-475 soprano nearly new FS



Oxted, Surrey.
I have a nearly new and un-marked YSS-475 (Japan made) for sale in UK. Although it isn't actually marked as a YSS-475 II, it is engraved and comes in the current backpack style case so it looks to me exactly like the current model. The mouthpiece is unused and the accessories pack is unopened. It is in excellent playing order, sounding easily and cleanly throughout the range. I have played it in practice and at a couple of rehearsals - perhaps 4 hours playing time. As I say, it is mint and is a superb horn - unlike some other current pro horns, it isn't too heavy either. It is free blowing and easy to play in tune and it holds its own against other pro horns. I have been A/B-ing it against my Mark VI which just has the edge for dynamic range and absolute tone quality whilst the Yamaha wins hands down on intonation and ergonomics but there really isn't much in it. I was hoping to trade down and pocket the difference but can't bear to sell my VI after all. Not looking for any trades thanks. Sell for £825. Postage at cost. No trades, thanks. 5% donation.

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