YAMAHA YAS-62 (Serial # 313,638) alto saxophone

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I just got word that my client's saxophone shipment arrived in the Virgin Islands as an empty box, missing the YAS-62 (Serial # 313,638 ) gold lacquered alto that I sent to him from Capitola, CA. It was definitely stolen within the postal system, as it arrived to his USPS post office box, and was caught at the counter being too light, never leaving the postal system at the time that the theft was noticed.

This is a saxophone of some sentimental value, as it was owned previously by a great, great New Orleans tenorman, and a good friend to myself and Just Saxes, for years. The client is a very decent man, and I have no doubt this extends to all areas of his life and deeds -- indeed he bought this as a gift for a fellow saxophonist.

At the time of the theft, the alto was in like new condition, gold lacquered, in a like-new Yamaha tray-pack (cloth covered rectangular) case.

Please help to recover this saxophone, should you see it, and contact inquiries@justsaxes.com if any one should attempt to sell you this saxophone, or if it should turn up for sale somewhere.

Many thanks -- and thanks to Pete for providing this site,
Just Saxes
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